Sabrina - I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga


January 13, 2011 Sabrina "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga" - "With this week's release of "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga" circulating online, Interscope artist Sabrina explains the motivation behind her new anthem."

"My song "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga" is not about shooting Stefani Germanotta, the lonely, insecure girl better known to the world as her alter ego, Lady Gaga. The song is about killing off the gimmick, the character of Lady Gaga. Its not meant to be sadistic or evil, I mean, just check out the song's artwork. We used a squirt gun - nothing violent, just metaphorical. I want to kill everything she represents and stands for."  Enjoy....share with your friends, write a comment, show you thanks and love for Sabrina "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga"  and don't forget to buy their single / album!!. music on demand with lyrics on demand.

Sabrina "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga" lyrics

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  • booker

    go to hell and serv devil Sabrina

  • Lurrego

    Either grow the fuck up or do your research on an artist to actually figure out what exactly you're against. This is extremely arrogant and ignorant and have no reason to want to insult an artist like this.

  • Sabrinathebitch

    This song is crap. She is only singing it to get attention. How pathetic, she won't get far and will always be known as the desperate, needy shitty one.

  • ilovegaga

    sabrina your a twat, just because you havent got any hits, go suck a dick