Lady GaGa - Lovegame

Lady GaGa - LoveGame Music Video. Lady Gaga is out with the video to her new single "LoveGame", the fourth release off the New York pop singer's debut album "The Fame", out now on Interscope.
Shot inside a warehouse at the Port of L.A. , the "LoveGame" video is set on a subway platform, wet concrete glistening beneath a menacing flock of bondage-loving biker-gang dancers.

"I wanted to have that big giant dance video moment," said GaGa of the concept, directed by Joseph Kahn (Britney Spears' "Toxic"). "I wanted it to be plastic, beautiful, gorgeous, sweaty, tar on the floor, bad-ass boys, but when you got close, the look in everybody's eyes was f---ing honest and scary." Lady Gaga endured hours of body paint for what she calls "the most brilliant setup of the two days," in which she's "naked, but covered in art."According to GaGa, the underlying message of all this subway/street action is "That it's okay to have a good time and make art. We don't have to be slitting our wrists and jacking off to our own over-intellectual ideas. It's okay to make amazing music that makes people feel good."

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