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Priscilla Renea Dollhouse lyrics

I'm just a girl
And you're just a boy
This is my heart
It's not a toy
So what's with you playing with my mind?

We used to be cool
This used to be love
Now it's become
Something like a job
Like it or not
Maybe things are changing
Right before out eyes

I tried to be your picture perfect girl
But you were in your own fantasy world
Tryna control me
Like some kind of barbie
But that just ain't me

Cuz I'm not a doll
This ain't a dollhouse
Your way too old to be
Putting me down like this
And playing around like this
I ain't a doll
This ain't a dollhouse
No I could never be stuck living like this
Behind these four walls
Cuz I ain't a doll

You call the shots
Right down to my shoes
I liked what you liked
Cuz you told me to
And I don't think that you could even tell
I fell out of love
But it never showed
I gave up on us
So long ago
But you'll never know
Baby don't pretend like you know me so well



I'll never be made of plastic
So glad my hearts elastic
No matter what you do
I'll bounce back off of you
Cut me but I'm bleeding



And I come with imperfections
Epitome of perfection
If you can't understand
Loving the way I am
Then you're no good for me
So glad I kept my receipt

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  • Reina

    this song is so great i listen to it everyday it's first fav song!!!! :)

  • jessica

    fav song of life! Priscilla ROCKSSSSSSSSS!


    yhuee fukiinqq skk ball;sz uqhh.!.!.
    yhuee do nohtt noo howw tuhh sinqq so yhuee have tuhh
    stop littlee betchh hopee yhuee diee cuhh;sz yhuee sukk ball;sz ahaha;sz
    nahh jkayy yhuee jusztt suckkk....../////

  • zosia

    i love that music video it is great.

  • Cassie

    Umm you typed some of the lyrics wrong but other than that good job!

  • Angie :)

    I friggin love this video and song! You go girl!