Kero One - When the Sunshine Comes


Kero One When the Sunshine Comes Artist and Plug Label head Kero One has been keeping himself busy lately and lucky for us, we get to reap all the benefits. Today, we get two healthy helpings from Kero: His sophomore effort Early Believers is out today and we also get to peep his second music video, this time for the follow-up single "When The Sunshine Comes" featuring British singer Ben Westbeech.Strolling along a beautiful beach in sunny California, Kero illustrates the story of two young souls, John and Jane. John is in med school and falls head over heels for Jane, a sweet, carefree party girl. Soon the two lovebirds tie the knot but the pressures of the impending marriage get the best of young John he begins to revert his days of partying. When Jane discovers what he's been up to, the wedding bells stop ringing.

Months later we see Jane out with friends again, but one night she has one drink too many. In a dreary hospital bed Jane opens her eyes, lucky to be alive, and who is the young doctor she sees standing over her smiling...? Creatively directed by Byron Chan, the video gives us a short but sweet love story, just in time for spring.

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