Kero One - Welcome to the Bay


Kero One - Welcome to the Bay OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO directed by Phil Velasco. As the accolades continue to pour in before the album reaches the market, Kero One whets our appetites with his new video, "Welcome to the Bay," where he guides us through his hometown of San Francisco. Kero shares an honest view of his City By the Bay by touching down on subjects such as the homeless, the Great Quake of `89, his sneaker addiction, and on a more personal tip, his experience growing up as a second generation son of Asian immigrant parents. Directed by Phil Velasco, Kero One walks us through the streets, beaches, and high-rises of America's most visually stunning city.

Take a deep breath as you check out the video; smell the fresh salt air. We wouldn`t blame you if this video makes you feel the urge to move to The `Sco. Kero One, Welcome to the Bay, video, song, html, code, myspace, music

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