Don Will (Tanya Morgan) - Lauras Song


From the album Don Cusack in High Fidelity Music: Astronote Words: Donwill Starring: Jasika Nicole, Von Pea & Che Grand. Donwill, Ilyas, and Von Pea of hip-hop group Tanya Morgan never sleep and as a result of their endless grind they continue to churn out good material for our iPod obsessions.

The latest of their endeavors is Donwill's solo LP, "Tanya Morgan Presents: Don Cusack in High Fidelity". In case you're wondering how Donwill, or anyone for that matter, can create an entire album off of the 2000 hit comedy, High Fidelity, then you should brush up on your John Cusack YouTube clips.

The movie offers plenty of spoof-worthy material, the first of which can be seen in Donwill's video and song "Laura's Song," directed by Marques Green. Similar to the movie, we witness the progression of Donwill's courtship. What seemed to have started off well, with the new couple easing into their relationship, hits a bump in the road when socially inept audiophile Donwill reveals his baggage too soon. Although a mistake many of us have made, you will have to check out the "Laura's Song" video to see if Donwill was able to redeem himself. Don Will (Tanya Morgan), Laura`s Song, video, song, html, code, myspace, music

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