Verious - Don't Aim Too High (Official)


December 27, 2010 Verious - Don't Aim Too High (Official Music Video)

During an incredibly boring history lesson in the year of 2005, a young bored student by the name of Tomas sat by his desk, dreaming about guitars and music as usual, when he suddenly saw the name of his future band written in the palm of his hand. The letters spelled: VERIOUS. Time stood still, every student in the classroom turned around gasping for air…. some might say that it’s an exaggeration of what really happened that day, but we all know that it’s true what Tomas says.

The REAL band was formed when Tomas and Aidin met in college, and has since been going through many kinds of changes. Band members have left and joined simultaneously. But they kept on fighting for their rights to party, and Verious never left their hearts. Simon joined the band in early 2009 and Niklas in early 2010- and now they live happily ever after!
Recent polls have showed a massive need for new material from the super group, therefore Verious plan to record an EP this spring to satisfy the inhabitants of planet earth.


Tomas Hellberg – Vocals / Guitar

Simon Imner – Guitar/Harmonica

Aidin Zandian – Bass

Niklas Mellberg – Drums/Percussion

Video info:
Regissör: Joachim Nakagawa Stråning
Fotograf: Maja Dennhag
Regiassistent: Lode Kuylenstierna
Inspelningsledare: Jonas Bane
Elektriker: Mikael Wahlberg
Steadicam & Elassistent: Brattislavi Stankovic
Fotograf B: Johan Viberg
Fotograf C: Olle Kirchmeier
Passare: Adrian Wigerdal
Smink & Kostym: Anna Movin & Emma Kjellberg
Produktionsledare: Jimmy Samuelsson
Produktionsassistent: Pontus Andersson
Produktionsassistent: Martin Britan
Klippare: Nils Moström
3D-Artist: Mikael Olsson
Colorist: Petrus Sjövik
Ljud: Abraham Willey
Castingansvarig: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén
Marknadsansvarig: Jacob Eklund

Tjej: Kim Theodoridou Bergquist
Kille: Vincent Hellman

Pop Rock & Alternative Promotion / New Artist
Indie, Pop, Rock, Sverige, Sweden, Verious
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