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Tyga ♪ Cali Love [2009]. This new joint has the Young Money emcee addressing the current status of his home on the left coast. Tyga - Cali Love (High Quality)

Tyga : Cali Love Lyrics

the home of a king
the place for an angel
flyer than doves

i just wanna bring the cali love back!
sittin here thinkin when they put cali on
88 cuban gray i wasnt even born
so i just wanna keep cali on
fu*ck what happened to the cali love

cigar smoke when the legends shoot videos
snoop gettin old and Pac is really gone
so i just wanan keep cali on
fu*ck what happened to the cali love

see artists hate lovin this young artist (ME!)
critique all em
ya'll aint nothing but cheap condoms
bitch fcuk all ya'll those talking but are suportin
i hear ya sounds loud and clear your shit sound distorted
im'a pope to get on it
im the one next to best does it
remove your earpluggin i never stutter
unt-til now brother my city will now love me
if anyone be found clubbin thats time for those a hundred
young money that big boy money its nuthin
to sit and watch the sony plasma when you on it (THATS ME!).

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