Trey Songz - Bottoms Up Ft. Nicki Minaj


August 08, 2010 Bottoms Up Copyright 2010. Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj! Trey Songz - "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" due September 14th!Nicki Minaj Debut Album IN STORES 11/23/2010!! Bottoms Up is the lead single by American R&B singer Trey Songz, from his fourth studio album, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” which will be released September 14, 2010, by Songbook and Atlantic Records. The song was was produced by Kane Beatz and features rappe Nicki Minaj. Anthony Mandler filmed the video for “Bottoms Up” on July 31, 2010. This Trey Songz Bottoms Up Ft. Nicki Minaj video is made only to promote the artist. Content is copyrighted and property to their respective owners!. "Bottoms Up Ft. Nicki Minaj" Official Music Video  will be available soon on this site.

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Trey Songz - Bottoms Up Lyrics ft. Nicki Minaj

[Trey Songz - Intro]
It’s Mr Steal your girl
It’s Mr Steal your girl
hey girl hey girl hey girl hey girl
let go

Bottoms up bottoms up
ever see your cup
got a couple bottles but a couple ain’t enough
Bottoms up bottoms up
throw your hands up
tell security we bout to tear this club up
Bottoms up bottoms up
pocket full of cream
girl you know I love the way you shake it in those jeans
Bottoms up bottoms up
throw your hands up
bottoms up bottoms up

[Trey Songz - Verse 1]
You know what it is girl we back up in this thing
money stay in my pocket girl I’m like a walking bank
tell me what you drink tell me what you think
If I go get these bottles we go alcohol (?)

calling all the girls do you hear me
all around the World city to city
cheers to the girls no (?) to the guys
I got a chicken no goose in the ride
getting loose in the ride
(?) you can move to move to move to the side


[Trey Songz - Verse 2]
My visions blurred
my words slurred
its jam packed a million girls
and I ain’t tryna leave though
we drunk so let me be your alcohol hero



[Nicki Minaj]
Can I get that ‘Tron? Can I get that Remy?
Can I get that coke? Can I get that Henny?
Can I get that margarita on the rock-rock-rocks?
Can I get salt all around that rim-rim-rim-rim?
Trey? I was like, “Yo, Trey?
Do you think you could buy me a bottle of Rose?”
Okay, let’s get it now
I’m wit a bad bitch, he’s with his friends
I don’t say hi, I say “Keys to the Benz”
“Keys to the Benz?” “Keys to Benz!”
Muf-cking right, yep weed to the ten
If A Bitch Try To Get Cute, I’ma Stuff Her.
Throw A Lot Money At Her, Then Yell “f-ck Her!”
fuck Her. f-ck Her. Then Yell “f-ck Her!”
Then I’ma Go And Get My Louisville Slugger.
Excuse Me. I’m Sorry. I’m Really Such A Lady.
I Rep Young Money. You Know.. Slim.. Baby?
And We Be Doing Donuts While We Waving A 380.
We Give A Lot Of Money To The Babies Out In Haiti
Yelling “All Around The World. Do You Hear Me?”
Do You Like My Body? Anna Nicki.
Rest In Peace To Anna Nicole Smith.
Yes. My Dear, You’re So Explosive.
Say Hi To Mary, Mary And Joseph.
Now Bottoms Up & Double My Dosage.


Trey Songz Bottoms Up Ft. Nicki Minaj Song Information:

Recorded June 2010
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Length 4:12
Label Songbook, Atlantic
Writers Tremaine Neverson, Onika Maraj, Daniel Johnson
Producer Kane Beatz

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