The Cribs - We Share The Same Skies


November 20, 2009 The brand new single by The Cribs, from their fourth studio album, “Ignore the Ignorant”. The song was released as the second single from the album on November 9, 2009.

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The Cribs - "We Share The Same Skies" Lyrics

A strange union the other day
It’s a dead Russian, the papers say
But it would be nice if they realised
That she thought ‘he is mine’

This town has got you down and I know
I was helping you out
While your hope died under northern skies and it shows
I was helping you to realise
The reason why, it was no surprise
No way

The act will pass by no-one
And I’m said to say it’s not different today
Be comforted by we share the same skies
And for once pay no mind

I have decided it’s best that you know
I’m still thinking about
Old lies as north-west skies grow cold
No point in denying
Anxiety was my favourite feeling after jealousy
Yeah, I’ll concede

That I could not be as nervous as I was
I could not, no way

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