Storm - Time To Burn 2009


Storm - Time To Burn 2009 (Rowald Steyn Remix)  Brace yourself and hold on tight, for the 2009 remake of epic club thrasher Time To Burn is going to crash into your system! Yes, its time to burn.

 Storm, one of the many alter egos of German producer duo Jam and Spoon, first released this flamethrower back in 2000. After that year, it was re-released numerous times in many forms and remixes. Jam and Spoon, consisting of Rolf Ellmer and the in 2006 deceased Markus Löffel, have a series of hits on their name. Time to Burn has definitely been their biggest success though. Its rough synths, steady beat and typical vocal sample give the track, thats been taking the European charts by storm around 2002, a special feel. Armada Music brings you the 2009 version of this techy club anthem. Dutchman Rowald Steyn left quite an impression with his King Of My Castle 2009 remake and is ready to kick it some more with this one. Like the first version by Storm, Time To Burn 2009 is a true dance floor destroyer with a housy taste to it. The official music video with female Thai fighters is based on the original, but has been edited to make a perfect match to the 2009 version. In the start of 2009, its time to burn. Storm, Time To Burn (Rowald Steyn Remix), video, song, html, code, myspace, music

Time To Burn (Rowald Steyn Remix), video, song, html, code, myspace, music, Storm, Time, To, Burn, 2009, Rowald, Steyn, Remix
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