Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us


Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us [OFFICIAL VIDEO] A music video in companion of Snow Patrol's single "The Planets Bend Between Us" has been premiered. It features the band's lead singer Gary Lightbody making his way around the town while a pair of hands appears on screen, continually cutting the background and then changing it with different ones.

"The Planets Bend Between Us" is a song appearing in Snow Patrol's fifth studio effort "A Hundred Million Suns". A follow up to third single "If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It", the track was featured in a "Grey's Anatomy" episode titled "An Honest Mistake" in mid February.

During an Australian tour, Gary opened up about what the band wanted to share through the song. "Everything's different, apart from the lyrics and the tune. It's a big song now. We wanted to restrain it for the album, it became this plaintive, understated number. So we decided to do the flipside of that. It's the first time we've ever pointedly recorded a song to be a single," he said.

On another occasion last month, Gary commented on nowadays' file-sharing trend caused by advanced technology. "I'm not anti-file-sharing at all. This is the modern way. Music is available to everyone if they know how to get and I say f**king go for it," he stated.

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