Sick of Sarah - Daisies

Daisies from the self titled album from Sick of Sarah. The band, Sick of Sarah, was named when lead singer Abisha Uhl, 25, was talking to her roommate, Sarah, who was complaining that she didn't like her name, that she was "sick of Sarah." Uhl was inspired to use it as the name of her band, which originally was Sparkle Motion. After learning there were hundreds of other bands with the same name, they decided to go by Sick of Sarah.

The debut album is an amalgam of these disparate influences; a confluence of John Fogerty, Sleater-Kinney, Michelle Branch, Babes In Toyland, and Joan Jett to name only a few. "We write all our own stuff; it qualifies as indie pop-rock," says Abisha Uhl. "It is very melodic. We like sweet melodies and ballads, but we also like punk and the edgier stuff." Uhl further describes the music as "crazy, fun and obnoxious." Sick of Sarah, Daisies, video, song, html, Music Video Code into your webpage, Blog, MySpace, HI5, Xanga, Friendster, Facebook, profile and so on.

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