Shimmer - Baby - Official

The long anticipated video for Shimmer's Baby is finally available to view.

With its sweltering use of innuendo and humour, Shimmer has captured the essence of female liberation and womanhood and is unleashing it in its concentrated form to the public. Love it or hate it, Shimmer has a point to make and she`s making it in style.

"Baby" was produced by Renz, known for his former work with Major Ace and work on the Guyver soundtrack with Corey Johnson, who is one of Shimmer`s main producers and has worked closely with her helping shape and inspire tracks on her debut album. From the deep bassline of the track to its raunchy video featuring her backing dancers Whipped Pink, Shimmer has a no-holds-barred approach to her music, which is something the industry needs right now. The video itself is a vintage baseball inspired extravaganza directed by Sheridan De Myers.Shimmer manages to boast extensive sex appeal yet demands a furious respect from her contempories, collaborating with a multitude of artists and producer's on the UK Grime and Hip-Hop scene including, Sticky, Stylo-G, Nu Brand Flexxx, Sway, Cassoblax and Stormin of Nasty Crew. Shimmer, Baby, video, song, html, code, myspace, music.

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  • Donna

    Baby! Baby!