Shawn Berry - If u Don't Want Me


February 09, 2010      

Label: Ten Forty Eight

R&B/Soul / Urban  ROCHESTER, NY, US  


"As with most Artist..the story begins super early..somewhere in the 5-10 year old range. I was thinking of a way to stay away from the common, " ever since I was a young boy..." thing's the truth so here it is. In addition to the classic Mom and Dad paying u $1 to dance and sing for the family, I've had my own drive to sing and say what someone else wants but doesn't know how, or speak into someones situation allowing them to're not the only one. Also..the thought of performing in front of thousands of music loving people consistently...having all the free Donuts and Soda u want in the green room, and the traveling was pivotal in my life's choice as well ;) Born and raised in Rochester, NY; I've spent the greater part of my life preparing and sharpening myself for that golden opportunity we all search for. By this I'm referring to the chance to fulfill my dream. Without laundry listing everything.. (as if you'd read it all anyway)..I've had the chance to work with accomplished Artist in the music industry as well as perform in front of significant audience's upward toward 40,000 screaming people! It was so cool! So what do I want...what am I tryin' to do...and where do I see myself goin'? I want to connect with the millions of people who've been waiting for me...I'm tryin' to provide excellent tunes that you may jam to 10 years from now...I see myself around and significant in the music industry until I kick the bucket :-) I know..this is a far cry from the standard Bio..but I wanted to talk for myself...not have someone mechanically describe me and my accomplishments. Besides....that stuff won't make you like the music."

"I look forward to providing you all with many years of excellent tunes"

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  • karma Banned

    Truely..who hasn't felt this way.. lol ..Awesome!

  • sheila carter

    Shawn, I'm one of your biggest fans. I believe that you are going to make it !