Royalush - American Cliche

official music video by Royalush "American Cliche"

  ROYALUSH!!!! A band who has gathered an international following most musicians can only dream of! Layering punk fueled energy with chilling harmonies this foursome eats rock n rolls heart and spits it back at you. What surprises most, are lyrics of hope and karmic healing all tied up in this very cool rhythm package. Sooo, who the@#*&^ are these guys??

Rubber head elephants and donkeys indulge in Rock and Roll mayhem in Royalush's newest video. Is this a politically charged toe dip into this fall's election or a trippy tour de farce playgroup dream as imagined by our four musical pranksters. On a higher minded stage, "American Cliché'" takes on the struggles of the "Occupy" movement in America with it's portrayal of the two party system and the greed and back door negotiations we have come to expect. Dig the harmonies and scorching riffs and the decision is yours!
Rock & Alternative
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