Rick Ross - I'm Not A Star (official)

October 19, 2010  Music video by Rick Ross performing I'm Not A Star. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group - Rick Ross and director Spiff TV shot a video for "I'm Not a Star," from Teflon Don in Miami. The Bawse, in full support of Spiff's skills, shelled out for big-money production value on this one.

"It was dope. While I was on the set, I told Spiff I was proud of him to see where we started from, the viral ground up, to seeing the homie with a budget and a production crew and a [photography director] and playback screens," Ross said.

Spiff said the video centers on a strong performance by Ross. "It's epic. We're showing exotics, the cars, the imagery. Birdman came through - Ross and Birdman are brothers, so he came through. Khaled did. Showed the support."

Spiff, who also does A&R at Ross' Maybach Music Group, says the team was encouraged to make "I'm Not a Star" a video because of overwhelming reaction to the song during live performances.

"The streets really f****** with it," Spiff described. "Everybody f****s with that song. When Ross performed it in New York, the Governors Island sh**, they knew it as if it was a single. The whole crowd knew the song. That's one of my favorites. Then we was in a club for some Nike sh**, I'm watching Jay-Z do every word. Ross is performing it, Jay is in the cut. I'm like, 'Damn, he knows every word.' It's crazy. After seeing everybody show love, we said we have to shoot the video for it" - This video is made only to promote the artist. Content is copyrighted and property to their respective owners!. The Rick Ross - I'm Not A Star video should be accessible on this site from every country.

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Rick Ross - "I'm Not A Star" Lyrics

maybach music
i'm not a star, somebody lied, i got a pistol in the car, a 45
if i'd die today, remember me like john lennon
bury the louis, i'm talkin all brown linen
make all of my bitches tattoo my logo on they titty
put a statue of a nigga in the middle of the city
load up the choppers like it's december thirty first
roll up and cock it and hit them niggas where it hurts
told em my partnah and help them faggots give em thirty
i told em i got it, therefore i gotta do ya dirty
back on my benz, been in these bitches 830
scoot me a dime, now man get off at 1030
goin on 12, go home and tell that man i'm lyin'
i got a bake sale, bitches stunnin for the pie
9 for the slice, dummy that's a dan marino
talkin quarterbacks mean ya talkin quarter kilos
niggas feel my pain, i aint even gotta say it
where i come from if they be hopin thatcha payin
how i can save when all my niggas in the can
and by my brothers people, motherfucker take my hand

pull up to the club i got a kilo in the car
black card for the niggas spending c-notes at the bar
i'm not a star (x4)

all black lamborghini, smokin on the sticky
got a couple dollars, now this nigga think he ricky

pull up to the club i got a kilo in the car
black card for the niggas spending c-notes at the bar
i'm not a star (x4)

i'm not a star, somebody lied, i spent a milly on the car
it come alive, never feed it after dark, gotta treat it like gremlin
it's a multi-million dollar motherfucker in it
and i'm quick to blow a milli in a minute
i know them people wanna stick me with the senates
i'm a player catchin bitches like i'm TO
trunk full of work, yea this nigga think he neno
three dice yea, grab a nigga for a kilo
pink ring a hundred grand but keep that on the d-low
diddy negotiates and the paperwork the TO
my niggas never sing if i need em i go to neo
fuck a famous bitch then i treat her just like a ski-oh
not even worth a shower, just grab me a stick of deo
monday for monages and tuesday i get a trio
and the bitch that get a gift on the scriff, she was a PO

pull up to the club i got a kilo in the car
black card for the niggas spending c-notes at the bar
i'm not a star (x4)

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