Ray J - Sexy Ladies Official

Ray J - Sexy Ladies (Feat. Truth Shorty & Mack) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE Ray J has premiered a music video to support his single "Sexy Ladies". In the video, he is seen partying in a nightclub with beautiful women, who are the contestants of VH1's dating reality show "For the Love of Ray J".

"Sexy Ladies" is a mid-tempo song where Ray J teams up with Truth & Shorty Mack. The song is included in "For the Love of Ray J" soundtrack album, due for U.S. release on March 24 under Knockout Entertainment in conjunction with E1 Music.

Beside filming the reality show about his journey "to find true love," Ray J has also been busy working on a follow-up to his fourth studio album "All I Feel". The new record is expected to come out later this year. Unfortunately, producers as well as guest stars in the not-yet-titled effort haven't been disclosed. Ray J Sexy Ladies Official music video html music video code for myspace hi5 blog.
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  • mrz.carter

    Truth iz sexy!!!!