Prince - Sticky like glue (20Ten)


July 10, 2010 "Sticky like glue", Prince's new song off of his 33rd album called 20ten out of 10 songs. This Prince - Sticky like glue video is made only to promote the artist. Content is copyrighted and property to their respective owners!. The Prince - Sticky like glue video should be accessible on this site from every country. Prince Sticky like glue Official Music Video will be available on this site soon.

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01. Compassion 3:57
02. Beginning Endlessly 5:27
03. Future Soul Song 5:08
04. Sticky Like Glue 4:46
05. Act of God 3:03
06. Lavaux 3:13
07. Walk in Sand 3:29
08. Sea of Everything 3:49
09. Everybody Loves Me 4:08
77. Laydown 3:38 , following silent tracks 10–76.

Prince "Sticky like glue" Lyrics:

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  • LovesPrince

    Again, where are the official vids? Are we sure that Prince is really doing any?

  • Blk Girl

    I agree - this song is fantastic! Good effort with the lyrics - I picked up on a few mistakes, but well done for trying!

    I'll see if I can help you out a bit...

  • funkykat

    so the order starts at the bottom...

    also i dont claim these lyrics are correct. Im not the prince lyric decifer guy. I just took a stab at it cause i love this song... so please correct what may be wrong

  • funkykat

    as a matter of fact i just cant live without you babe
    wonderin if you felt the same way too
    huggin this pillow tight
    the way we did last night
    the sweat of eachother sticky like glue

  • funkykat

    beautiful lover friend
    I wont ever leave again
    you and me were sticky like glue
    briught blue eyes
    staring down in the mind saying good morning
    how are you?
    i cant hide
    waking up in a plane without a warning
    aint too cool
    cant ashore
    without a paddle and no motor the screen says
    we just drowned
    whats the score
    if you still really wanna be in the news then
    come around

  • funkykat

    Wheels go down
    am bout to land in a another dream of you
    all night long
    out of town
    i had to go but now i need to cope with somethin
    like im strong
    beside me,
    i was used to wakin up with you here,
    now you're gone
    why oh why,didnt you hurry along with me the first time?right or wrong?
    as a matter of fact i cant stop thinking about you babe,
    when were together everything is cool