Phil Wilde - "Get Up and Dance"

Phil Wilde is a name best known for the feel good club tracks that garnered his success in the 90s. His work with 2 Unlimited, resulting in 16 million albums sold, made him one of the most successful producers of our time. Driven by his passion for songwriting and production, Wilde has returned to the studio releasing his newest single "Get Up and Dance". This playful house anthem is not only a fit for the clubs; its uplifting melody makes it the perfect soundtrack for summer.

In the late 80s Filip de Wilde was an accomplished DJ in his native Belgium, when he decided to pursue his love for music production. Most notably, Wilde began producing international hits for 2 Unlimited in the 90s. The single "Get Ready for This" went on to become the NBA Anthem. 2 Unlimited's second album "No Limit" became a number 1 hit in more than 40 countries. Wilde's creativity continued to flourish through additional production collaborations.

Now, the release of his highly-anticipated single "Get Up and Dance" further solidifies his ability to create unforgettable dance records. This pulse-raising, energetic single is well matched with catchy vocals and a sexy melody that will surely make the crowd go "wilde".
Phil Wilde, Get Up and Dance
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