Paranoia - Diarmaid O Meara

Techno track and VJ vid of Diarmaid O Meara's track 'Paranoia' from his release 'Paranoid' on Gobsmacked records. Available digitally from the 15th of March 09, on vinyl in mid 09. techno dance music drugs sex cars hitler war hard house hard dance hard trance ...

After a busy 2008 full of electronic debauchery and over a dozen releases on several labels that peaked with the release of his "Antisocial Behaviour" album? Gobsmacked records head honcho and Irish techno Dj, Diarmaid O Meara, has emerged from the Gobsmacked labs once again with an eccentric play on techno that has almost become standard and expected with his releases.

"Paranoid" hits digital the shelves on the 6th of April (vinyl in June `09) in the form of "Paranoia" and "Blue". Two polar opposite but strangely similar techno tracks packed full of big sound intensity, dirty synths, catchy hook melodies and perfectly placed breaks.

Having been in development for almost 18 months and "dropped" to countless delighted clubbers countless times, the Paranoid duo have been tweaked to death to give the intensity needed to send a crowd over the edge.

Over the past two years, Diarmaid has been making waves across the European techno circuit with a plethora of releases and remix`s alongside some of techno`s biggest producers and on the genre`s most cherished labels. A master of the three-turntable mix and not one to dilly-dally, his sets are always explosive, always off the cuff and use as much vinyl as physically possible. A regular party performer, the intensity of his sets have been at the forefront of his momentum since his first gig.Diarmaid`s previous releases have seen his music receive national radio play from amongst others BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens and XFM's John Kennedy, who he also recorded a full session for.

Still in his early twenty's, Diarmaid has already built up a brand in the form of "Gobsmacked". From running mini festivals and events all around Ireland to releasing downright filthy techno on vinyl, cd and digital download from some of the biggest, best and brightest techno has to offer. This coupled with a busy Dj schedule, frequent airtime and a never ending list of production projects, its fair to say that Diarmaid is one to keep a keen ear out for.New Music Video Code into your webpage, Blog, MySpace, HI5, Xanga, Friendster, Facebook, profile and so on: Paranoia - Diarmaid O Meara

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