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October 29 2009 Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates - HQ. "Chasing Pirates" is the first single from Norah Jones' upcoming fourth studio album "The Fall" which is due for November 17 U.S. release. "For this record, I just had a sound in my head," she said. "I wanted the grooves to be more present and heavy."

"And I also just wanted to do something different - I've been hanging with the same group of musicians for a long time, and I thought it was a good time for me to work with different people and experiment a little."

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Norah Jones "Chasing Pirates" Lyrics

Norah Jones Chasing Pirates lyrics

In your message you said, you were goin' to bed, but I'm not done with the night.
So I stayed up and read, but your words in my head, got me mixed up so I turned out the light.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
My mind's racing from chasing pirates.

Well the man in there swings while the silliest things, floppin around in my brain.
And I try not to dream but them possible schemes, swim around, wanna drown me in synch.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
Oh my mind's racing from chasing pirates. x2

My mind's racin' from chasing pirates. x2

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