Needtobreathe - Lay 'Em Down


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Needtobreathe Lay 'Em Down lyrics

Come down to the river
Come and let yourself in
Make good on a promise
To never hurt again
If you're lost and lonely
You're Broken down

Bring all of your troubles come lay 'em down
All you sinners
And the weak at heart
All you helpless
On the boulevards
Wherever you are now
Whatever evil you've found

Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down
We're all tied to the same old failings
Finding shelter in things we know
We're all dirty like corrupted small towns

We'll bring our troubles
We'll bring our troubles lay 'em down
All you rich men
And the high above

All those with And without love
All you burdened Broken down
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down

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  • Kaelyn

    I love this song and i ts so true we can lat anything down at the feet of jesus

  • Carin

    I LOVE this song. It has an old time gospel feel with a modern edge.
    The raspy voice with the organ stirs my soul.
    Makes me want to praise God, like I'm in an intense prayer/

  • Paige

    I LOVE this song !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have got to get this cd.

  • stephanie

    this song rocks!!!!!!!