Keelay & Zaire - Alright with me


May 22, 2009 Official music video coming soon...Keelay & Zaire's album "Ridin High" has raised a lot of eyebrows since its release in March, but the boys have only scratched the surface of their upcoming exposure.

The video for their latest single "Alright With Me" can already be seen on MTVU and is slated to run regularly in MTV's video rotation as well as featured on MTV's Hot Seat. Directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas, who also worked with Kee and Zee on their video for "The Times," the video opens with a girl listening to her headphones in the park, played by Alycia Bellamy from the MTV reality series Daddy's Girls. Enwrapped by the sonic soundscape, she continues to jam out to the joint even as Dminor appears, singing his smooth and tender verses almost seemingly directly into her ears. As she wanders through her neighborhood, crossing basketball courts and stopping to gaze at her city`s horizon, she never notices she`s being shadowed by Dminor and his effortless vocalizations; she`s too wrapped up in the song.

Our girl eventually makes her way to an LA rooftop party, where she discovers everyone from the song come to life, including Phonte as he spits his flawlessly crafted verse, as well as Keelay, Zaire, Dminor, Phonte and a mass collective of other guests, all enjoying the groove of this instant West Coast classic.

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