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October 19, 2009 ABOUT :Amber Rose debunks 'RIP Kanye West' Twitter topic


Would a dead man have time to haunt the world by posting pictures of supermodel Gabriela Barros online? Rapper Kanye West, of course, is not dead, although "RIP Kanye West" is still the hottest-trending topic on Twitter (Pop & Hiss advises against clicking on it, unless you're ready for a stream of baiting links to random sites).

The rumor bombarded the social-networking/micro-blogging site after a mock-up of a Fox News homepage proclaimed the rapper had died in Los Angeles. Girlfriend Amber Rose was quick to debunk it, posting to her Twitter account that "This RIPKanyeWest topic is not funny and its NOT TRUE!." She added in a follow-up tweet that the topic is "in extreme poor taste.

West to his credit failed to acknowledge the morbid hoax, although he is still not touring with Lady Gaga. He does, however, have a new hardcover picture book documenting his recent "Glow in the Dark" tour for sale.

Yet despite having long been debunked more than 10 hours ago, users continue to flood Twitter with "RIP Kanye West" tweets, transforming the hoax into spam in less than a day. Meanwhile, West's adorably fuzzy inner-demon, as directed by Spike Jonze, is most likely deceased, although the short film that depicts the killing has been stricken from West's site.

--Todd Martens


October 19, 2009 "We Were Once A Fairy Tale"  (Directed by Spike Jonze). Kanye West has collaborated with Spike Jonze to direct a short film for “See You in My Nightmares“. According to Jonze’s producing partner, Vincent Landay, the project was done mostly for fun and is “not necessarily a video for ‘See You in My Nightmares’, but the song is featured in it.”

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