Justin Guarini - I Can't Live Official


Here's a new demo that I, along with two of Nashville's finest writers- Shaye Smith and Tammy Hyler- put together expressly for the soundtrack of "New Moon". If you like it, share it, and ask for it to be put in the new Twilight movie.

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Rock & Alternative
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  • me

    where can i download this its awesome!!!!

  • Me

    Perfect I think. Especially the hard rock chorus for when Bella's running to him in Volterra.

  • Cierra

    I absolutely love the song. There is no reason it should not be heard on the soundtrack. It is amazing! They did an awesome job.

  • Stefo i Suza

    And of course, I cant live is great... Or The Cranberries Dying in the Sun, for scene when Edward wants to reveal his skin...

  • Stefo i Suza

    We think that Addicted by Kelly Clarkson would be perfect for movie because it perfectly describes how Bella cant live without Edward,that he is like a drug to her! Listen to it... Its soft/hard rock song mixed with sensitive electropop.

  • Stephanie

    Wow is all I can say. That was one of the most beautiful songs. When I was listening to it I was thinking of dreamy Edward, and When he was about to step out into the sunlight of italy,when he thinks Bella's dead. I really think this song should be on the soundtrack.