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July 02, 2009 Joe's New Video "Majic" off the forthcoming Album Signature IN STORE'S JULY 14, 2009.

Joe has just brought out a music video to promote his new single entitled "Magic". In this video, the R&B singer is seen surrounded by bikini-wearing ladies. At some point, he is captured lying on the bed with the beautiful women all over his body.

"Magic" is one of the ballad songs appearing in Joe's forthcoming studio album "Signature" which is due to arrive in U.S. on July 14. Serving as the lead single from the effort, the track is written, produced and arranged by Joe himself.

Joe left Jive Records in 2008 after 11 years making music in that company. At that time, he said labelmate R. Kelly had sabotaged his career. "R. Kelly was very instrumental in making a lot of decisions when it came to my records being played on the radio," Joe said. "He would make a call to the radio station or to the label and say, 'Hey, this Joe record is too hot right now. Yall need to pull that back.' And they would oblige."

Following his departure from Jive Records, Joe was signed to Kedar Entertainment and through his new home, he has released one studio album so far. The record is called "Joe Thomas, New Man" and was dropped in 2008.

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Joe Magic  Lyrics :


It was a beautiful day
A day for so much fun
Had my white T on
Had on my new Air Ones
I was gonna...
Pull out the coupe and drop the top
I was gonna...
Ride around and hug the block
Then she called and said "I'm on my way"
"I gotta few hours, I might as well stay"
Now I'm gonna...
Lay back while she drop the top
Now I'm gonna...
Record this shh, rewind and watch
Oooh, now after two hours of footage
Oooh, her body could continue to do it
Oooh, she looks at me and said
"Please don't go no where" (No where)
"Give me a second to breathe"

(It must be magic) It must be magic
She likes the way I give her the magic
She likes her sugar daddy (sugar daddy)
She wants me to keep givin' her the magic
She loves it cuz I can do it all

(It must be magic) It must be magic
She likes the way I give her the magic (It's magical)
She likes her sugar daddy (sugar daddy)
She wants me to keep givin' .....

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  • gabe50

    this song is lights out just like the rest of joe... r and b at its finest...