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August 29, 2010 The "White Knuckle Ride" full new song for Jamiroquai, leave some nice comments please. White Knuckle Ride is the lead single by Jamiroquai from his forthcoming seventh album titled “Rock Dust Light Star”, which is stated to be released in November 2010. The song was writen by Jason Kay and it’s the first single released under Mercury Records label. It will be a limited edition vinyl and download in the United Kingdom. “White Knukle Ride” is described on Jamiroquai’s website as “a hioctane retrospective on Jay’s career experiences a cautionary tale equally applicable to anyone’s life in these pressure cooker times”. This Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride  video is made only to promote the artist. Content is copyrighted and property to their respective owners!. The Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride video should be accessible on this site from every country. Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride Official Music Video  will be available soon on this site.

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Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride Lyrics:

Yeah…gonna make it better.
Ooohhh Yeah
Yeah…gonna make it right.
Here it is
There’s a way to make it better.
It gets you down.
It’s the pressure (pressure).
I’m serious
Trouble genies […] on the way.
Got a little something for ya
It’s the pressure (pressure)
It gets ya.

Now it really ain’t what you know […]
But I’m giving it away.
I can’t let this pressure go.
This pressure’s here to stay, yeah.

Yeah (White Knuckle Ride)
Gonna Make It Better (White Knuckle Ride, I’m On It Baby)
Ooh Baby.
Yeah (White Knuckle Ride)
Gonna Make It Right (White Knuckle Ride, I’m On It).
It’s not so easy to control (Pressure)
It’s not so easy to control (Pressure)
There’s always an easy way to make it better.

There it is, there it is
Couldn’t change it if I wanted
Can taste it all the time, it’s the pressure (Pressure).
Yeah hey, oh baby
Say we’re two alike […]
Don’t know if I can recover (Don’t Know If I Can Recover)
Got me ’round it’s little finger (Got Me By It’s Little Finger)
Pressure (Pressure).

Whoa Whoa Whoa
There it is
Couldn’t change it if I wanted to taste it all the time.
So return to life […]
Don’t know if I can recover when I taste it all the time
Taste it all the time yeah

Took a White Knuckle Ride Baby

White Knuckle RideSong Information:

Released 27 August 2010 (UK)
Genre Disco, House, Funk
Length 3:38
Label Mercury Records
Writer Jay Kay

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Jamiroquai, Rock Dust Light Star
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