Imelda May - Johnny Got A Boom


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Popular Imelda May - Johnny Got A Boom Boom Lyrics which becomes a hits on Music Charts around the world : Billboard (US), BBC UK and Aria (Australia). Including Johnny Got A Boom Boom song information : band / artist name, name of the album, single release date and music genre.

 Imelda May Johnny's Got A Boom Boom lyrics

He got me with a hook
Those big bass notes
Thunder in my chest
Stuck in my throat
Pulling me down
Like a rumble in the ground
Crawls up from the depths
With a deep down sound

Johnny got a boom boom
Johnny got a bam
He got a...

Big bomb body
Lonely neck
Swear it was a woman
That he had in his grip
Big vibrations, yeah
Just one glance
He'd gonna blow my mind
He's gonna make me wanna
Make me wanna, oh

Watch that man
See what's in his hands
Got no joy
He's a big bad boy

He's gonna freak you out
You're gonna shriek out loud
He's got you in his hands
He's gonna make you wanna
Make you wanna, oh
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