Girls Aloud - Untouchable - Official

Girls Aloud's 21st Video and Single. Avalible to download fron itunes right now! ...Girls Aloud have premiered a music video to support their single "Untouchable". In the futuristic video inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic science fiction film "2001: A Space Odyssey", they are captured dressing in "sci-fi inspired PVC leotards" and traveling through space.

As the video moves, a tag read "Alert: Condition Red" appears and Girls Aloud are seen having issues with their bubble-like orbs. The video ends with televisions on Earth showing a breaking news as the five-piece group's spaceship hits the ground which results in a huge blast.

"Untouchable" is a pop dance track coming from Girls Aloud's fifth studio album "Out of Control". The song is said to be released as the third single off the record in U.K. on April 27. New Music Video Code into your webpage, Blog, MySpace, HI5, Xanga, Friendster, Facebook, profile and so on.
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