Gena Dry - alice in the garden


August 30, 2009 Alice in the Garden written & performed by Gena Dry. She’s a pre-glitz Polly Harvey mapping out the uncharted emotional territory between nights out and moving in; a smoker-songwriter with a larynx as elastic as Diamanda Galas (if you push her hard enough), the B52s cruising over the Velvets late nite New York. Just don’t ask her to agree with you about any of this, that’s all.

Alice in the Garden written & performed by Gena Dry vox & guitar. Musicians on track: Andy Miller guitar (Dodgy) John Frennett bass (Laika & Moonshake) Daniel Strittmatter drums (High Llamas, Mike Scott, Ian MacNabb & Colour Noise) Other musicians in live photos: Hussein Boon (Colour Noise) Alonsa Bevan (Kula Shaker). Photos by Laurie Lewis & Tim Dry (Tik

Rock & Alternative Promotion / New Artist
alternative, indie, rock, Colour Noise, Gena Dry
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