Christinah - The richest girl


November 03, 2010  A music video with the single "The richest girl".

Artist Bio

Background: Christinah was born -77 and raised in a small town in southern Stockholm. She was the oldest of 6 brothers and sisters. With a divorced mother and father, she and her brothers and sisters was raised by their mother.

In her childhood she started early to set up high dreams in and on many things. She started to do some shows for her relatives, and then doing talent shows in school. She also did performances in malls and on boats. She felt alive, she loved being on stage. One day in the summer of 2000, she saw an ad in a newspaper. Some guys were looking for a singer.

That ended up with a group that was called pop and then later they changed their name to Ménage. They did performances in the best clubs in Stockholm, in biggest events and gave out 2 singles in their own label.
Now after 6 years of silence of the group, she is ready to take the step of her own.
“Today I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys. I want to show them that it is important to follow your dreams whatever it may be in, and no matter age or what you are in life! Head for the moon, you may reach the stars.

Goals: “The goals I have had in my whole life is to struggle through all the difficulties and problems whatever it could be, and be strengthen by it all, because you make your own destiny. Don’t hide your past; it made you what you are!

Influences: Madonna, Sandra, Kylie Minogue and many more.
“I love 80:s music. All music that came from that decade is good no matter genre.
I want to be an artist that is diverse in my songs.
I want to do world class music no matter genre.”

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