Castrofate - Shattered Soul

Castrofate?"Shattered Soul"?from the album 'Castrofate' out March 1, 2014?Cataclysmic Metal Records? s?Video by JNP Productions? ?? Page: New CD and New Hit The Lights/Castrofate Shirt Paypal buttons will be added soon??CASTROFATE's "Shattered Soul" is Track 4 off the band's 5th self-titled album 'Castrofate' which features 8 songs and will be available from the band for $5 on March 1, 2014. The album will be sent free to people who purchased the band's previous 2 albums 'iHuman' & 'Systematic Suicide', anyone who has purchased those was placed on a list to receive a free copy, and anyone who still buys them will still be placed on the list up until February 4. Pre-Orders will also begin soon. The album, as well as the video, are the first to feature a full 4-piece line-up.??'Castrofate' album line-up:?Danny Castro - vocals & guitar?Tom DeFazio - lead guitar?Dok Dwyer - bass?Dima Shnaydman - drums??Produced by Nick Killmeier & Danny Castro?Engineered by Nick Killmeier at Crossfire Productions
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