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September 27, 2009  Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova (Official Music). Copyright Sony Entertainment & 19/Arista Nashville
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September 04, 2009

Carrie Underwood is one of the best singers of all music history, and now with her new single Cowboy Casanova coming to everybody early from her next coming grammy hoping album Play On which will be available to everyone November 3rd, mark your calenders everybody!!!!!!

Carrie arrie Underwood is quick to respond to the leak of the unfinished version of her new single "Cowboy Casanova". Instead of being mad at those leaking the track or taking any blame, this country music singer releases the finalized version of the song on her YouTube account.

"We wanted members of Carrie's web community to get an early listen in," so it was explained regarding the official release of the track. "Casanova" was written by Carrie with the help from Brett James, who penned her 2006 hit single "Jesus, Take the Wheel", and Mike Elizondo, who is best known for his work with hip-hop artists Eminem, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.

"Casanova" is confirmed to appear in Carrie Underwood's new album "Play On". Aside from the newly-outed song, other materials in the effort haven't been disclosed. Carrie will release the new album across United States on November 3.

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Popular Carrie Underwood Cowboy Casanova Lyrics which becomes a hits on Music Charts around the world : Billboard (US), BBC UK and Aria (Australia). Including song information : band / artist name, name of the album, single release date and music genre.

Carrie Underwood Cowboy Casanova Lyrics:

You better take it from me, that boy is like a disease
Youre running, youre trying, youre trying to hide
And youre wondering why you cant get free
Hes like a curse, hes like a drug
You get addicted to his love
You wanna get out but hes holding you down
Cause you cant live without one more touch

Hes a good time cowboy casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water
But hes candy-coated misery
Hes the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you dont want to fight
You better run for your life

I see that look on your face
You aint hearing what I say
So Ill say it again
Cause I know where you been
And I know how it ends
You cant get away
Dont even look in his eyes
Hell tell you nothing but lies
And you wanna believe
But you wont be deceived
If you listen to me
And take my advice


Run run away
Dont let him mess with your mind
Hell tell you anything you want to hear
Hell break your heart
Its just a matter of time
But just remember


Oh you better run for your life (2)

Song Information

Released September 14, 2009
Genre Country
Length 3:41
Label Arista Nashville
Writers Carrie Underwood, Brett James, Mike Elizondo
Producer Mark Bright

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