Captain Dangerous - The Terrorist


May 30, 2009 This is the music video for "The Terrorist" by Captain Dangerous, released through Danqua Records, along with B-side "Merrow Song".

This video was shot entirely on super 8 film using a crappy old camera made in the 70s and won in an auction on Ebay. Hardly anyone in the world processes this film anymore so the cartridges of film had to be sent to Germany to developed then sent back to London to be Telecined (digital transfer).

The footage was shot over April and the beginning of May during rehearsals, gigs, on the Take Away Tour and generally when the guys were just pratting around. We hope you like it.

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Captain Dangerous The Terrorist  Lyrics

The Terrorist

I wonder past this sight with indifference. We talked twelve miles an hour by the side of the road. Me and my conscience listened pensively to the words of a different breed I wonder by with starry eyes a shadow of my former dome and.

She looks at me and kisses softly
If love exists this must be it see
She stands and walks straight through the door I wanted her I wanted her

All I want to say is I need you
In every single way I don’t need
Believe me when I say you don’t need me
Believe me when I say you touched me in someway.

Every time I look in the mirror, I wonder why my hair is this colour. Surely this just caused a riff that made her fall so someone’s lips I wanna be alone and drink alone and smoke alone. I wanna hang myself from the rafters, my anviled heart crushed like a crisp beneath my shoes from bended hips. I wanna go home wanna go home wanna home I wanna go home wanna go home wanna go home.

She stands and walks straight for the door I never want you anymore. Who is that I used to be I never loved you anyway believe me when I say you can’t carry on that way.

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  • Simone

    Great video and song. Super 8 rocks!