Black Gold - Plans and Reveries


Black Gold "Plans & Reveries" from the album Rush. Directed by Steven Drypolcher at Partizan Productions.

At the helm of this duo are Eric Ronick and Than Luu, the two Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalists who first met on the set of the Craig Kilborn Show while working with different bands. The keenly constructed and superbly delivered "Plans & Reveries" assert that Ronick and Luu`s collective strength comes from an eagerness to draw on an array of styles and eras. Eric says "Plans And Reveries" is, "...about the moment when you come to and realize what you`ve lost, what you had, and what you don`t have any more."

Citing inspiration from rock`s early days, the psychedelic era of the 1960`s and 70`s, not to mention contemporaries like Hot Chip, Ronick says, "No style or genre is off limits. We get a real kick out of taking from different artists, different periods, and putting our spin on it. Somehow we ended up with something cohesive and that sounds, undeniably, like us."

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