Akon - Drop Down Low ft. Ludacris (NEW JAN 2011)


January 04, 2011 Akon Drop Down ft. Ludacris  (NEW JAN 2011) - Drop Down Low is a song by hip hop/R&B singer, Akon, taken from his fourth studio album, “Akonic”, which is due for release on February 21, 2011. The song features rapper Ludacris. This Akon ft. Ludacris  - Drop Down video is made only to promote the artist. Content is copyrighted and property to their respective owners!. The video should be accessible on this site from every country. the full versions coming soon. Akon ft. Ludacris  - Drop Down Official Music Video will be available soon on this site.

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Akon - Drop Down Low Lyrics

I heard ya’ll n-ggas on that fly sh-t
Yeah that trap or die sh-t
thrown on the block don’t let it get too hot
And moving that “get you high sh-t”
Me I’m in that cockpit
On my suit and tie sh-t
Tryna cash it and ready or not tryna get up in them pockets
Fully packed up and holy
Best believe that it’s loaded
Telling you now brother
Try that sh-t and your casket will be closed ay
a hundred stacks and we throw it
Ain’t none of it stolen
And if you think you gon’ take from us
Well we’ll point at ya and blow it so..

Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now
Look out and drop down low now

Don’t bother nobody
Unless they bring a fight to my party
Well then hey
That means they’re asking for it
They’re asking for it
Like I’m asking her to break it on down (look out, look out)
Break it on down (look out, look out)
Break it on down (look out, look out)
Break it on down (look out, look out)

Ha look out guess who it is
That n-gga from Atlanta
Where the best do it is
So get your money together and bet who it is
Cause when it comes to spitting lyrics I’m the best in the business
Go by the name of Luda
The industry intruder
Collipark Park G.A.
Where the hustlas stay and the criminals rob us, shoot us
On the corner with the keys in hand
We’ll leave you where you stand
We’ll lift you off your feet and make you fly like Peter Pan
Don’t make no sudden moves
Or I’ll squeeze my southern tools
While I’m with my southern b-tch
26 inches no southern shoes
I ride out slide out
Groupies cry they eyes out
Cause I’m making the kind of paper that dope boys get when they bring them pies out
Wasn’t born with a silver spoon
So recognise when you hear that tune
You better drop down low when you hear that
When you hear that
Hear that boom



[Akon - Verse 3]
I know that you like it
Your body’s what I’m enticed with
Move around like you work it girl
But that ain’t you in the slightest
Love the way that she hide it
Says she want me inside it
Baby girl got the Superwoman
And I’m a kryptonite it
She feeling so weak
Made her drop to her knees
Got a taste of this ?
taller than all of your trees
She’ll pin me down to my seat
and rolling hips to the beat
I had to come and take full control
And show her how it’s gon’ be
And told her



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