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September 23, 2009 Musik video till låten On And On från svenska artisten Agnes. On and On är en poplåt framförd av den svenska popartisten Agnes Carlsson och skriven av Anders Hansson och S. Diamond. Låten låg hela 25 veckor på Sverigetopplistan, från vecka 34 2008 till vecka 6 2009.

Agnes - "On And On" sångtext (Lyrics)

On and on
This love I feel for you goes
On and on

This world can be a scary place
And so much love goes to waste
One moment everything was clear
The next it all could disappear

We need something to hold on to
I wanna be that thing for you
'Cause you're not in this all alone
Your heart has finally found a home

On and on
This love I feel for you goes on and on
It's something you can't lose
You're gonna find
This heart of mine
Withstand the test of time
(Oh) On and on
Can't you see this is where you belong
I've got so much you've givin'
Let down your guard
And let these arms
Shelter you tonight

Words can be so hard to trust
They made a fool of all of us
Let your emotions be your guide
And go with what you feel inside

I know that what I feel is deep
And when I play, I play for keeps
I know that you've been hurt so bad
But this is something meant to last


I can feel us moving
Closer by the minute
This is so amazing
Have a little faith in...
Let me lead the way
I can promise you that...

Chorus x3

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New Video to Agnes hit ON AND ON! Production company: STARK Production Director: Torbjörn Martin.

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