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July 02, 2009 Video Premiere: 50 Cent's 'OK, You're Right'. A music video filmed by 50 Cent to promote his new single "OK, You're Right" has been debuted. It shows stop motion scenes in which clown-masked thieves are arrested by police. The video continues capturing Fiddy, who has a clown mask on his forehead, rapping to the song. It then ends up with him exploding almost half of the city using a bomb he put somewhere in a hidden place.

June 19, 2009 A picture taken during the filming of 50 Cent's upcoming music video for his new single "OK, You're Right" has been put out by ThisIs50. The photo shows the G-Unit rapper hitting the club, standing in the center of a stage and being surrounded by a number of partygoers.

Exclusive Pictures on the set of 50 Cent new video “OK, You’re Right”





May 19 2009 New 50 Cent - OK, You're Right(Before I Self Destruct). A brand new song called "OK, You're Right" from rapper 50 Cent has just made its way out. Produced by Dr. Dre, the track is confirmed as one of the new materials in Fiddy's forthcoming effort "Before I Self Destruct".

Still in the middle of finishing the new album, 50 Cent is expected to drop the record sometime in June. Previously, he plotted to put it out on February 3 but then moved it to March 24 before later hinting a possible May release.

In between his tight schedule of finishing the new record, he went on a tour with Fall Out Boy and made one last stop at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on April 25. Most recently, he was said to be in talks for a joint tour with Eminem this summer.

50 Cent - OK, You're Right Lyrics

ok ok ok
ok ok ok *screwed*
ok ok ok
ok ok ok *screwed*

when they talk about me, they say i be tripping
what they say about doesn't make me mad
i think they hating 'cause they see me when i'm rolling
man, i can't help it that they really doing bad
ok, alright (they sick)
ok, you're right (i'm rich)
ok, alright (i grind)
ok, you're right (for mine)

Verse 1:
i'm in that 760 leaning when i'm stunting
i blow 50 gs, i mean with ease like this is nothing
please don't interrupt me when i'm talking to my jeweler
he's putting them diamonds all over my Franck Muller
me, i get busy, i put that work in if it's worth it
come through, hit you up, i'll make a crime scene perfect
niggas talk about me all the time behind my back
they don't talk about me in my face because i'm strapped
see me in the club, i got that henny and that yak
a couple cups of that and i just don't know how to act
by the second bottle, that's when i just get to buzzing
i say i run new york and ain't nobody saying nothing

Verse 2:
i blew a hundred gs on my bitches in miami
they think i'm the sweetest thing invented since candy
me, i catch amnesia when you ask me bout the shotty
i don't even know my name, switching my lanes in my bugatti
nigga, i ain't crazy, bitches like me 'cause i'm paid
they want me, Lebron, Kobe, or Dwyane Wade
when i say i'm balling, i'm not talking 'bout a ball
i'm talking about Tiffany & Co. stones out the mall
niggas, they can hate all they want but they know they like this
me, i'm like that painting on the wall, baby, i'm priceless
you can come and work me over baby on the night shift
catch me on the night shift, see how freaky i get

ok ok ok ok
sho ya right
ok ok ok ok
ya know ya right

ok alright ok alright
ok alright ok you're right.

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    July 02, 2009 - Video Premiere: 50 Cent's 'OK, You're Right'

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    A picture taken during the filming of 50 Cent's upcoming music video

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