2011 American Music Awards (AMA) - LMFAO & Halloween House Performances Live

LMFAO & Halloween House Performances Live At The 2011 American Music Awards. LMFAO & Halloween Light Show House - Party Rock Anthem & Sexy and I Know It closing performance for the AMAs (American Music Awards) on Nov 20, 2011

LMFAO contacted me two weeks ago and wanted to use my Party Rock video for the AMAs, but also wanted me to create a new light show for Sexy and I Know It. It was all last minute, but it was fun working on this project. Thanks to LMFAO and their management/team for asking me to be part of creating the performance. A big thanks to Vidaroo for working so hard on the video. The performance was great and I had a lot of fun. The only somewhat disappointing part was the AMA started the house video 2 secs late and the sync was off. Oh well...who's complaining...it was on the AMAs!!
2011, American Music Awards, LMFAO, Halloween House
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