The 12 Most Anticipated Pop Albums Of 2012

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The new year promises a lot of enticing milestones for our favorite artists: Britney Spears’ third wedding , Justin Bieber becoming a legal adult, the arrival of Boof Boof 4 Knowles-Carter and so on. But of course, the pop happenings we’re most anticipating are the ones that happen in the studio — namely, a roster of new albums chock full of great new music. What with 2011’s onslaught of juggernaut album releases from superstars like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Jay-Z and Kanye West, Adele, Rihanna and plenty more, we’re left to ponder: Can 2012 possibly match it?

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The 12 Most Anticipated Pop Albums Of 2012

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